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Lost my mojo

2017-03-10 19:52:54 by YumiPan

I am having trouble coming up with ideas for videos, I got Adobe Animate its alot better than what it used to be and I've been practicing since I got my sprites back, but something just doesn't feel right.Advice anyone?



2017-02-24 18:30:55 by YumiPan

My laptop is broken adn I got a new one, so now I lost everyhing and have to start over unless i get my stuff from the system, but we'll just have to see

Am I Good?

2017-01-07 20:33:54 by YumiPan

I made my first test (IDK why I keep saying that) here it is: Combat Test

~ Yumi

Tha Goodies

2017-01-07 15:18:12 by YumiPan

Mah Sprytz!: Tha Goods



Don't forget to give credit !!!

~ Yumi


2017-01-07 11:04:51 by YumiPan

I have to go back to school tomorrow... :'(


I will make a contest.(well not really a contest)

I'll post the link to my sprite sheet for those who would like to make a vid or art or whatever.

I will also judge them : 1st, 2nd, 3rd and also participate list.

And I'm also making my first short but It will be delayed for some time.

See ya ~ Yumi


2017-01-03 18:48:34 by YumiPan

So...my first test got blammed, thats a great way to start off the year.But I hope it doesn't happen again but I'll have to accept the fact that I'll get blammed alot whether I like it or not.

And again I still need help with some ideas, I prefer to stick to Madness because I would love to do artsy, creative, mesmerising stuff but I need a Tablet to draw and animate things that are more human and stuff so I'm working on something that I hope is good enough for the Newgrounders (thats what we're called right I_T) out here.



Brain Malfunction

2016-12-27 13:45:04 by YumiPan

I need help...

I'm low on imagination juice, I'm trying to think of ideas but nothings comin' out I wanted to do that ROMPFLA thing, but I don't have the sprites and I thought it would be too predictable or whatever ( can't really think properly right now XD), but I could really use some help...hopefully I could think of something :/.


Merry Christmas

2016-12-25 08:11:38 by YumiPan

Merry Christmas duh.....


2016-11-30 19:17:39 by YumiPan

I am almost done.I decided to do two characters/icons for my Home(profile).


INTRODUCING *drum roll* : YUMIPAN (not Yumi-Tan or Yumi-Chan)






....yes he is dabbing (go ahead and cringe or facepalm or both)...


Sprite Sheet:


At first I was gonna do it in a Gabriel Barsch style but I'm lazy, butt (<-- childish joke) If anyone thinks I should then you can do your own BICH (<---BICH...)!

bai for now.. -'_'-

X3!! I am almost done with my character heres a preview poster.

(He is so cute .3. [ no homo tho])


..and the sprites... (I hope DudingDarn doesn't mind)